Our Mission

With the idea in hand, we started making AniMalas and shipping them all over the world, but it quickly became clear that we alone could not create enough supply to match the demand of this fun new product.   As we started looking around for ways to ramp up production we were faced with a serious choice.   We could go the cheap route and try to maximize our profits by finding the cheapest way to outsource the stringing, or we could use this as an opportunity to effect social change.

The choice was an ethical choice, and in our minds, wasn’t really a choice at all.   What if we could not only use the revenue stream to create charitable giving, but what if we could find a way to work with human capital charities to create a better life for those in need too?

Our Vision:

Our vision is to partner with organizations that specialize in helping people get back on their feet.   By working with other non-profit organizations to source labor, we have found that we can create a way for these people to make a more than fair wage but allow it to be a more flexible schedule based on production and not on time spent in a “work” environment.   Having worked with “The Spring” in Tampa FL, we knew that there were organizations that specialized in helping mothers in need get back on their feet, help them find jobs, education, and child care.   Our initial thought is to work with similar organizations so that we can allow a single mother working a full time job already the ability to work a few hours here and there, on her own schedule, allowing her the ability to take part in her children’s lives, and set a schedule that reduces the stress to find childcare so that she can go in to work,

We are currently in the process of reaching out to several organizations that exist for the sole purpose of helping people get back on their feet and working to find a way to partner with them so that we can not only generate revenue to donate to charity, but can make a direct change the the quality of life for those trying to get back on their feet.


Our Mission is to use this fun, soulful creation to create positive change in as many ways possible.